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Senioren Lachen

Professional care at home


At first, using an outpatient nursing service means trusting strangers.


That is why we would like to introduce ourselves at an initial meeting and get to know you. We work with you, your family and our caregivers to develop a care concept tailored to your needs. Of course, we would also be happy to advise you on financing.


We take care of the following care services, according to your needs:


basic care:


  • assistance with personal hygiene

  • showers and baths

  • Dressing and undressing

  • skin care


Medical supplies:


  • wound care

  • Drug dosing and administration   according to plan

  • compressions

  • Control of blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse

  • Insertion and supply of bladder and other catheters



  • We offer you housekeeping help

  • We support you with applications to the health and nursing care insurance as well as to the authorities

  • We support you with applications for nursing degrees

  • If required, we arrange meals on wheels, pedicures, domestic help

  • We advise and support relatives in dealing with various clinical pictures


Please contact us if there is anything we can do for you. Via   contact   we are always available for you.

Covid 19 protection concept always up to date...

We are always working to protect our patients, their relatives and our employees in the best possible way.

  • Admissions only with a negative COVID-19 test

  • 1 x weekly COVID-19 test of the entire team

  • Rotation in tours have been minimized

  • Strict hygiene concept is implemented

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